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DIR Software Contract (DIR - CPO - 5334)

International Projects Consultancy Services (IPCS) Inc. has been awarded Software Contract DIR-CPO-5334 by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).

About DIR Software Contract:

IPCS delivers next generation automated Agency-specific digital service delivery platforms - branded under WorkFINITY Line of Products and Applications in production-ready Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted with Microsoft Azure FedRAMP Certified Government Account infrastructure. WorkFINITY® line of products provides unparalleled speed and flexibility and rules-based intelligent functionality to dynamically configure and build highly responsive, scalable and cutting-edge Agency enterprise products/applications/systems - enabling Agencies to automate and optimize mission-critical business processes, gain operational efficiencies and improve overall service delivery. The dynamic nature of the digital technology architecture employed provides robust framework for integrating external applications/products and empowers Agency business users to manage and configure large and complex products/applications/systems in real-time without any dependence on costly and time-consuming programming effort. IPCS's SaaS services includes installation, configuration, integration, maintenance and technical support, and other related services.

The DIR contract focuses on WorkFINITY® product line of Software as a Services (SaaS) digital services delivery platforms targeted for Law Enforcement, Health Services, Record Management, Liquor and Cannabis, Medical Board, Financial/Treasury/Budget/Grants, Housing, Education, Environmental, Forestry, Transportation/Motor Vehicles, Aviation, and for other Agency-specific software solutions. The IPCS contract is targeted for use by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. Resellers are not available for this contract.

For more information on the DIR program, please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts program website. This Software Contract Vehicle benefits Texas state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state.

  1. Products and Services Awarded
  2. Description of product and services awarded
  3. A current price list or mechanism (for example, a services calculator or product builder) to obtain specific contracted pricing
  4. Discount percentage (%) off MSRP
  5. MSRP or DIR Customer Price
  6. Designated Order Fulfillers and Resellers: All orders will be fulfilled by IPCS. Resellers are not available for this contract.
  7. Return policy
  8. Warranty policy:

    All WorkFINITY® software warranties provide for the operability of the products and applications.

    IPCS provides warranty for the implemented solution for a period of one year on the software provided. The warranty period commences upon the date of acceptance of the software by the Agency. IPCS warrants that the software will conform to the mandatory technical and performance requirements in line with the Agency requirements as agreed to. This includes, but is not limited to, software, updates, and upgrades.

    IPCS warrants that WorkFINITY® software shall perform and operate in accordance with the published specification documentation, including user manuals, regarding the software.

    Warranty will also follow the warranty policies as detailed in the Agency contracts and SLAs.

  9. IPCS Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for applicable products awarded
  10. DIR Contract Number: DIR-CPO-5334
  11. DIR Cooperative Contracts
  12. Contact Information:
    Name: Kuldeep Dhar
    Phone: 952-541-4888
    Email: support@workfinity.com, support@ipcs.net
  13. Instructions for obtaining quotes and placing Purchase Orders:
    • Required Reference: DIR Contract #: DIR-CPO-5334
    • Purchase Order must contain reference to DIR-CPO-5334

In order to save time and resources, Texas state agencies and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state can procure WorkFINITY® software and services directly from International Projects Consultancy Services (IPCS), Inc. by using the current product pricing as the "Best Value" justification.

More information on obtaining quotes on Specific Software and Services using can be found at DIR Software Contracts website.

More details on the WorkFINITY® software are also provided at www.workfinity.com

For quotes, purchase orders, and warranty information, please contact:
Kuldeep Dhar, CEO

International Projects Consultancy Services (IPCS), Inc.
Suite 1595
600 South Highway 169
Minneapolis, MN 55426
Office: 952-541-4888
E-mail: support@workfinity.com, support@ipcs.net
Fax: 952-541-1222

TX-RAMP CERTIFICATION: A Texas Risk and Authorization Management Program certification has been granted for the cloud service product: WorkFINITY.

Cloud Computing Service: WorkFINITY
Company: IPCS
Certification level: Level 2 Certification
TX-RAMP Certification ID: TX1179355
Expiration Date: 5/9/2027

TX-RAMP Certified Cloud Products

  • service availability.
  • recovery time objectives; and
  • Data loss tolerance levels (also known as recovery point objectives).